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See The Courses View a Sample Lesson

Springboard Caribbean Online

The Professional Development System for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Resorts around the world value skilled and trained staff however, it can be very difficult to obtain the required training because of barriers such as:

  • Time: Often workplace schedules and shift working will not allow the time and flexibility to attend scheduled formal training programmes.
  • Location: Even when time is available it can be very inconvenient and costly to travel to remote and even off island locations to attend the right training event.
  • Cost: Traditional forms of training can be very costly with Award, Certificate and Diploma programmes potentially costing thousands of dollars.
  • Recognition and Certification: Many training programmes do not provide the certification and accreditation required by local and international employers in the Hotel & Tourism industry.

Springboard Caribbean Online overcomes all of these barriers.

Springboard Caribbean Online provides formal skills training for line staff through to management positions. Hospitality industry staff can develop their skills, improve career prospects and gain internationally recognised and accredited qualifications.

Training courses are delivered through the completion of online modules, with a certificate being awarded on the successful completion of each course. Internationally recognised qualifications are awarded once the required number of courses have been completed.

Organization-Wide Training

Springboard Caribbean Online features a wide range of training courses that targets learners at all stages in their hospitality career, including:

  • Management and Supervisory Staff
  • Line Staff
  • New Entrants

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